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The island of Pag is one of the biggest Adriatic islands with the longest coastal line full of bays, capes and bays beaches.

The biggest bay - surrounded by 20 km of sandy beaches.

This island is predominantly rocky, and only low growing grasses and herbs.

A distinctive feature of the island is the breeding of sheep and its famous cheese.
City of Pag is the cultural, administrative and tourist center of the island.

This is a city that is in the 15 century, built by the strict designs of the Renaissance sculptor and architect Jure Dalmatinac.

The town is also known for the production of sea salt and still see the old salt production process of drying up in smaller pools glinastim in that sea.
Historical monument is the town center where there is the parish church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is a series of external and internal architectural solutions valuable cultural and artistic monument.
One of the town of Pag certainly is a special artifact - Pag lace, whose design fosters centuries and is still valuable lace master women will meet on the streets of the old town.
If you are located on the island of Pag, which is connected by bridge to the middle Dalmatia, you are in a very favorable destination for trips by several Croatian national parks.
Distance 150 km from Pag is located in the oldest Croatian National Park Plitvice Lakes which consists of 16 small and large lakes which are connected by cascades and waterfalls.
If you go in the direction of Sibenik, 110 km from Pag get you to the National Park Krka, which is mostly located along the course of the river Krka, with its seven waterfalls and a total drop of 242 m is a natural phenomenon.
To National Park Kornati islands fastest'll go get your own transportation to Zadar, then one of the many tourist boat to fish a whole day picnic Kornatskih to the islands with the Obligations by visiting the Nature Park Telascica.
If you prefer fresh air and mountain paths make a trip to the National Park Paklenica only 65 km from Pag and win some of the peaks of Velebit, and discover the richness of the law protected plant life.

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